Society of Structural Engineers Sri Lanka (SSE-SL)

Society of Structural Engineers Sri Lanka (SSE-SL) was founded in 1990 by a group of practicing engineers and academics engaged in the field of structural engineering with the intention to serve as a forum for structural engineers. The Society was incorporated by the Act No: 40 of the Parliament of Sri Lanka in 2009.

The SSE-SL has been serving the country in numerous ways. The members of the Society actively involve not only in the development activities in the country but also act as an educational and training activities to share their knowledge and experiences on various structural engineering topics. Further, members of the SSE-SL dynamically contribute to a number of policy formulating committees related to construction industry which were set up by well reputed institutes such as Urban Development Authority (UDA), Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA (ICTAD)), Sri Lanka Standard Institution (SLSI) etc.

The Society organizes programs such as Seminars, Workshops & etc frequently in order to create an opportunity for the Structural Engineers and other professionals connected with the construction industry to enhance their knowledge in planning, designs and construction of structures.  

Last year SSE-SL celebrated its Silver Jubilee with a commemorative International Conference on Structural Engineering with the theme “Towards Excellence in Structural Engineering”.